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Flexible, affordable yoga class packages to work with your busy life….

Drop-in rate of Vinyasa & Flow Yoga:  $15
Drop-in rate of Full-Fit:  $10 

 Note:  All of our classes are ALL LEVELS.  You can join any class at any time depending on your wants and needs and fitness level.  You do not "need" to take a "Beginner" class.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call for assistance. 

Unlimited Monthly Partner Yoga for 2
Auto Renews
"Partner" defined as same household.
Spouse, Partner, Significant Other
Other scenarios considered upon request (ie parent/child)
$149 monthly

Unlimited Yoga Single

Auto Renews
Cancel anytime
$99/month for unlimited classes

On Track With Yoga

Stay on Track!
Enjoy 5 classes a month for only $55
Monthly auto-renewal
Take additional classes (over alloted 5) for only $10 !


Dedicated Yogi Package 
10 Classes
/ 1 Month Expiration
Use 10 classes within a month and receive an 11th class for FREE !



10 Class Package

2 Month Expiration



Long-Lost Yogi Package

Need a little help getting back to your mat !
You won't regret it.
Enjoy 4 classes for only $45
(1 month expiration from first class) 

Aroma Smooth Yoga 
Next Aroma Smooth: Friday, April 7
Time:  6-7:30pm
a Wonderful Relaxing class
with Gail
Registration needed:  $20 
Register day of event cost is $25

A relaxing, aromatic yoga class.  Join Gail as she uses essential oils to enhance, balance and open the energy centers along the spine (chakras) with a chosen essential oil specifically chosen for that area.  This class is designed for any level.  A very healing class to re-energize and clear out the "gunk" in our energetic bodies.

Restorative Yoga
Sunday, March 26
Time:  3 - 4:30pm
with Rebecca

Restorative Yoga uses passive poses, with the aid of propsto encourage relaxation and meditation.  This is a practice designed to leave you feeling Nourished and rested.  In our over-scheduled lives we NEED to schedule time to be still and feel quiet and peaceful.  Join us for this wonderful class.  

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