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Call or Text: (302) 893-4585
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Wilmington, DE 19803
Hello yoga teachers and fitness instructors - give us a call / or email, if you want to join our team and bring your talent and passion to our wonderful community that is dedicated to better health and well-being.  

Special Class:


9:15 am    Vin-Yin Yoga (w/Shannon)
4:30 pm    Vinyasa (1 hour)  
6:00 pm    Vinyasa  (1 hour) 
7:30 pm    P.M. Yoga (w/Cecille) (1 hour)


9:15 am    Vinyasa (w/Jen) (Hot)

5:30 pm:   HOT Bootcamp / 45 minutes 
6:30 om    Vinyasa (1 hour)


8-9am       Vinyasa (1 hour)
9:15 am     Every Wednesday in February:
                 Hot Barefoot Bootcamp 
6:00 pm     Vinyasa (1 hour)
7:30 pm     P.M. Yoga (w/Gail)   (1 hour)


9:15          Vinyasa (w/Jennifer)
6pm          Vinyasa  (1 hour)
7:30pm     Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Class - (join any time)


9:15 am   Vin-Yin Yoga
 (w/Gail) (1 hour)
Friday   Feb 10:  4:30  Vinyasa


8:30 am    Vinyasa (1 hour)
10:15 am  AM Flow Yoga (1 hour)
3:00 pm    Vinyasa (75 minutes)


9:00 am Vinyasa (1 hour)

Sunday Afternoon Special Events / 
These Events need Registration

Sun. 2/5:  Aroma Smoothe Yoga
Sun. 2/12: Partner Yoga
Sun. 2/19:  Slow Floor Flow with Tibetan Bowl Relaxation  / 3pm
Sun. 3/5:  Restorative Yoga / 3pm



Vinyasa:  (HOT) All-levels.  A complete fitness sytem.  Amazing blend of sweat and serenity. A “must add” to your current fitness routine for improved physical conditioning.  Recommended for active, healthy individuals who are  interested in a total body workout, detoxing the body and quieting the mind. These classes are sweaty power yoga. Doors wide open for fresh air fun during the summer months.    

Vin-Yin Yoga: Starts Monday 9/12.  Meets Monday & Friday at 9:15.  The only class of its kind in the area available during weekday AM hours.  Perfect for vinyasa and flow yoga fans, experienced and total beginners.  Begin this class with movement to invigorate your body and mind.  Use the movement to awaken and work all your muscle groups and release and relieve the body of feeling tired and sluggish.  Then move from this state of "doing" to the state of "being."  Take time for deep stretching in order to go deeper to break through any sticking points.  A great way to start and end your week. 

P.M. Yoga: All-levels.  Yoga at 7:30pm is the perfect activity, at the perfect time of day, to transition from the business of the day to a peaceful, restful evening.  Begin class with yoga designed to release the tension from the physical body, steady your focus, clear your mind and calm the central nervous system.  Settle in to feeling the fullness of a healing breath as you then move into restorative poses to nourish and guide you in to a deeply relaxing savasana.  Not sweaty.  

Bootcamp (HOT) A multi-tasking Full-Fitness routine in 45 minutes.   Very upbeat.  Cardio, toning/sculpting with a little yoga.  This class is a sweaty class. 

Beginner Yoga:   This class will incorporate proper asana alignment with the fundamentals of yoga philosophy.  It will move at a slower pace and great care will be given to move safely and gently in all postures.  Modifications will be offered and props will be utilized to enable each person access to the postures.  Join this class at ANY time.  This wonderful class is for total beginners, seasoned yogis interested in taking a break from a rigorous practice, individuals nursing an injury, and tight bodied individuals.  No experience or flexibility is necessary.  Just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  

"The instructors at Yoga U are amazing! I was telling my husband that I don’t need to go on a yoga retreat. A dose of Yoga U will put a smile on my face any time! The classes have an almost magical quality to them; I truly get lost in the experience and it is such a wonderful thing."
-Julie S.